4 types of people you will see at any Coworking Space

August 31, 2017

4 types of people you will see at any Coworking Space

For those of you who have worked at in a co-working space before you know that it can be a very productive and wonderful place for young entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives to work and network with others. However, sometimes while working you might run into some very interesting people that seem to put a roadblock between you and success. Here are 4 people you will see at any co-working space.

The Plug. They know a person for every need you have.

Man, don’t even get me started on this person. Like, yeah obviously you should take advantage of the networking aspect of co-working spaces. It’s one of the main reasons I go! But some people are just too much.

You’ve probably run into one of them before. You’re talking with someone about your website and how you wish it was more mobile friendly and then someone overhears the conversation and recommends you their friend Will the Web Wizard. You thank them for the recommendation and say you’ll look into it. You could’ve sworn at that moment you saw a little twinkle in their eye, like they had just found their purpose in life.

Next thing you know they’re fixated on this persona like it’s their duty to find someone for your every need. It started off fine, they’d make relevant recommendations like someone to help you with graphic design, email campaigns, customer service, etc. Before you know it, they’re butting into random conversations and grasping at straws because they’re busy chasing that high they felt the first time you took their recommendation. No Lawrence, I DON’T want to meet the lady who used to cut your hair when you were 6!

The Talker. Won’t Stop Can’t Stop.

Ugh. I’m about to have an aneurysm just thinking about this person. Okay, think Kelly from The Office mixed with the Energizer Bunny that won’t stop drinking coffee and sleeps with CNN on to absorb information that they didn’t have time for during the day.

On top of that they don’t have volume control because they were sick the day that the class went over “inside voices”, so you can hear them no matter where you are. Even in your dreams. To make it worse they never even have anything to talk about! You’re convinced that they only talk to hear their own voice.

While you’re trying you’re best to tune them out and actually get some work done, they’re caught between giving their dissertation on Beyoncé, informing you on the latest global warming catastrophes, and at one point you’re pretty sure you heard them making random sounds just for the sake of filling in silence.

The Consultant

This one is the absolute worse. This person is actually kinda smart, which is the worst part. They have great ideas to help you improve your business but the problem is that they’ve ALWAYS got an idea for you and everyone else in the co-working space. It made sense the first few times when it was stuff like how to get your website more traffic, more followers on social media, making your workflow more efficient, etc. but then it got to the point where they started to criticize every aspect of your business. They spend the day bouncing around and giving everyone so much unsolicited advice, to the point where they felt the need to bestow the title of “Consultant” to themselves. To really top it all off, whenever they’re there they never work on their own business and you’re pretty sure it’s either failing or they don’t even have one.

The in by 10, out by lunch guy.

Oh, you know this guy. You’ve talked to him before. He comes in about an hour after you get there and sits down and talks about how he’s got so much business to take care of. He goes on about how he’s probably going to be there all day because he has to update his website, respond to a ton of clients, work on some projects, etc. He starts working but he can’t seem to stay concentrated for more than 5 minutes without taking a 30-minute break to browse reddit and scroll through Bloomberg articles without actually reading them. Next thing you know he’s packing his things up after working for about 20 minutes out of the 2 hours he was there, just to rinse and repeat sometime later in the week.