Dispelling the myth that young entrepreneurs are lazy

August 21, 2017

Dispelling the myth that young entrepreneurs are lazy

Everyone knows about the feud between the baby boomer and millennial generations. Many millennials are just trying to make it in the world that was handed down to them. Unfortunately, we spend a lot of time getting questioned and antagonized by the older generation due to the choices we make. The thing is, they always forget about cause and effect. They are the cause of our problems and it has affected us greatly. I’m only joking. However, it should be noted that a lot of the things that baby boomers say about millennials can be addressed with simple situational awareness.

If you take just a moment to look up from behind the newspaper, you’ll see that a lot of millennials are really trying their best with the hand they were dealt. Anyways, here’s a list of things that millennial entrepreneurs are tired of hearing:

“Back in my day we went to college, worked hard, and paid for it ourselves.” Yeah gramps, that was also before inflation hit us and you could get a cheeseburger and a shake for no more than 39 cents. Also, wasn’t tuition like $400?

“Millennials are so entitled!” Sorry that wanting a decent education, a home, a family, and a little free time for ourselves without having to work 40+ hours a week throughout the year is so entitled. Not like the older generation got all of these exact things and then ruined the economy and housing market before we ever got a chance to figure out what happiness felt like.

“Millennials are so lazy. Why don’t you get a job?” Uhhhh. I’ve been trying? Unfortunately, the Baby Boomers ruined the economy so bad that finding decent job with a livable wage almost feels impossible.

“You all spend too much time on your cellphones and the internet.” Uh huh. You’ll antagonize us over how much time we spend using technology but as soon as your Wi-Fi stops working, suddenly we’re the brightest people in the world and you can’t do without us.

“Millennials have it way too easy. Easier than we had it.” First time I heard this, I thought it was a joke. Like yeah, we have it easier in terms of stuff like the access to information. But are we just going to forget that before the baby boomers ruined the economy and that their generation was lucky enough to be able to buy homes with wages from unskilled labor as young adults?

“Millennials are too sensitive. They don’t know how to take a joke.” We’re not sensitive. We know how to take jokes. It’s just that times have changed. So, it’s totally understandable if the new generation doesn’t find old untasteful jokes funny.

“Why are millennials still living with their parents? I moved out and had a full-time job and my own home by the time I was 21.” Oh, how wonderful. You’re using your outdated experience during a time when things were a whole lot easier to be super condescending. Thankkkksssss.

“Nothing in life is free.” Yeah? Then why do I have to work an unpaid internship just to get a low paying entry-level job? I thought the entry-level job was where we got our experience from.

“You should follow your dreams. That’s how I amassed my fortune.” Unfortunately, with the way the environment, economy, and housing market is there isn’t really any time to spend on following dreams. I have to be at my 4th job by 9pm or I’ll get fired.

“Why did you get a degree in [insert whatever you love here]? You’ll never be successful. You’re too busy dreaming.” OMG! Make up your mind. Do you want me to live happy and poor or grow old, be miserable, and poor?