Stop wasting time on YouTube – A must use tip for online learning

August 03, 2017

Stop wasting time on YouTube – A must use tip for online learning

I spend hours learning on online platforms like YouTube and Udemy. This is mostly because online is the only place to get the real-time, bleeding edge information that you need to stay current in the world of tech and entrepreneurship.

So assuming, like me, online videos are a major source for your information -- here’s a simple and somewhat obvious trick to increase your productivity by 20%, 33% or even 50%.

  1. Go to your video setting
  2. Increase the playback speed of the video.
  3. There’s no number 3. That’s it.

Think about the time saved by increasing the playback speed. If you spend 10 hours learning from YouTube videos, and you increase the playback to 1.25 X you save 2 hours. That’s crazy!

I usually can run videos at 1.25 X and have no problem processing or retaining the information. It does get a bit more tricky at 1.5 X, so I usually only do that when I watching something again for some reason. If you can absorb info at a 2X play back speed, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be an all-knowing oracle living in a remote mountain compound somewhere charging $1000 an hour for your gems of knowledge – assuming there’s wifi way up there.

It may seem obvious, but I still often forget to do it. If you don’t do it – start now! If you do, take this as just a friendly reminder.