What a time to be alive!

Anyone who tells you that you can’t get rich from your creative talents is completely out of touch with the world they live in. There are hundreds of thousands of young creative hustlers building their own niches and absolutely killing it – from YouTubers, IG Models, Artists, Thought-Leaders, Freelancers, Musicians, to almost anything you else can think of – they have all proven that now is the time to jump in feet first.

But anyone telling you its easy to make a living off your creative talents is a F*CKING LIAR...

It’s not enough to just master your special talent. There are untold rules and technical skills that must be learned and developed. You must accept failure and rejection as part of the process – and then learn to love the process. It is a long hard journey, but we’re here to help!

Here at Castle & Craft we're starting our journey (too 😀) to become the world leading community for creative entrepreneurs. We will do this by relentlessly giving away valuable content to the community in the form of high-end entertainment, actionable tips and tutorials, and innovative apps. But most importantly, we will be giving you an inside look at our process, and will hold back nothing.

So stop by and check us out when you want to learn, laugh, or simply take a few minutes out of your super busy day to escape from the everyday struggles of trying to turn your creative genius into a billion dollar company.